Company History

In 1928 The London Fan and Motor Company was formed by Mr. G. H. Webber and has been owned since by the Webber family. During the early years the company began to manufacture industrial propeller fans and electric motors under the trade name ‘Breeza Fans’ and moved from Charlotte Street in the West End of London to a larger factory in Alfred Place off Tottenham Court Road.

During the Second World War the company manufactured hand-driven ventilators for use in tanks and air-raid shelters but was bombed out itself in 1943. The machines were dug out of the rubble, patched up and moved, along with their operators, to a number of lock-up garages throughout London in order to maintain production for the Air Ministry contract which enabled the survival of the company. After the war the company moved to Park Road, North Acton and then to the present premises in 1965.

The post-war years saw the development of the company into a wide range of ventilating equipment and industrial fans brought about mainly by the take-over of a number of other businesses in the fan trade, one of which became Breezax Impellers Ltd. The company discontinued the manufacture of electric motors and its name changed to The London Fan Company Ltd.

Mr. G. H. Webber remained working in the office until a few weeks before his death in 1971 at the age of 90. Throughout his life-time Mr. G. H. Webber brought his strong Christian convictions into his business activities and this outlook has since been continued.

Mr. H. R. Webber (the son of Mr. G. H. Webber) joined the company in 1949 and his involvement with the company spanned more than half a century, until his death in 2006. The family tradition continues with the third generation, the present M.D., Mr Andrew Webber.

Having built a reputation for quality fan manufacture and innovative design, the company continues to expand its manufacturing base to ensure worldwide availability of industrial fans and ‘Breezax’ axial impellers under the leadership of Andrew Webber. With investment in the development of new products, the company looks to a successful future in an evolving global market.